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Toddler Program

Kid Playing with Bubble

Our Toddler One Program is designed to provide interactive challenges that will encourage our students to safely discover and explore. Children at this stage have a natural desire to “push it to the limit” and experience the world around them without boundaries. Driven by curiosity and a newfound sense of confidence, toddlers are more self-aware, expressive and pensive in their daily activities.

​A proper toddler program engages energetic children by inviting them to interact with their environment. We incorporate more complex manipulatives, play centers and activities as students move from our Toddler One to Toddler Two classroom. At this age, children mimic what they see, so we work to foster a toddler’s understanding of safe and socially appropriate behavior.

Two-year-old children have an inquisitive mind when it comes to learning.  We aim to open their little worlds to all the possibilities imaginable!

The Toddler Two Program opens more space for movement and exploration. We incorporate tactile learning materials, a variety of play centers and a more challenging curriculum that fosters their growing independence and cognitive abilities.  Our Creative Curriculum program fosters the critical relationship building that occurs at this age, supporting intellectual and social development. Manipulative toys are used to promote eye-hand coordination. Teachers emphasize daily routines and social interaction through family style meals and other small group activities. Picture books, songs and skits are used to increase color, shape and number recognition. Teachers organize socio-dramatic play activities so children can dress-up and role-play. This develops new skills, such as problem-solving, self-care routines and conversation. Children are frequently read stories to build listening skills and are often asked to repeat the stories to develop memory recognition.

The dedicated toddler teachers will introduce your child to various hands-on exercises and methods of ‘productive play’ which help lay the foundation for more advanced pre-school activities. Teachers introduce more structure into their daily routine and new learning subjects with more intensive lesson plans. While daily activities are play-based, we encourage children to be more mindful of their actions so that they transition to preschool and beyond confident in their capacity to solve problems, trust their instincts and express themselves freely. To facilitate parental involvement, teachers provide daily digital feedback via KidReports to document and share the child’s experiences.

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