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Preschool Program


Trinity’s Preschool Program acts as a preparatory school that focuses on academic readiness skills for young children. Students are exposed to real-world situations, current events and more complex learning concepts that complement the evolution that takes place when children turn three years old. Their personalities are larger than life and their perception of the world has matured to understand how things operate and coincide in their everyday lives.

The Preschool classroom incorporates immersive exploration centers that allow them to heighten their competency of academic subjects. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool focuses on language and literacy, logic and reasoning, social studies and environmental awareness. We strive to instill more structure, accountability and independence at this stage so when the time comes, students will be well. Preschoolers are full of curiosity and spend a great deal of time observing the world around them. Our program uses this opportunity to focus on academic readiness skills.

​Children learn to recognize an expanded range of shapes and numbers. In addition, techniques are used to enhance the child’s ability to associate groups of letters with spoken words, and children are encouraged to tell stories through figures and symbols. Teachers stimulate the child’s understanding of cause and effect and inquisitiveness through activities that present real-world situations. Age-appropriate, interactive learning areas are available for the children to explore and learn as they play. Support and involvement of parents is encouraged through daily digital progress reports via Kid Reports.

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