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Our Infant Program helps little babies get moving on a fast track to early learning! From 6 weeks until the walking stages, our teachers bond with your baby to foster a strong emotional connection so your little one feels safe and loved in this new environment. We spend quality time getting to know their individual needs so that we can collaborate with families to customize meal plans, daily developmental activities and give special attention during the times they’ll need it most.




Our Toddler Program is designed to provide interactive challenges that will encourage our children to emerge from their shell of shyness. This is the true stage of discovery and exploration: children have a natural desire to “push it to the limit” and experience the world around them without boundaries.




The preschooler is on a journey to greatness. They carefully navigate through their environment with more tact, awareness and hope for their imminent future. Our program  aims to  preparing students to take of the training wheels and take  explorations  into formal education. Preschool acts a preparatory academy that focuses on academic readiness skills.




Pre-K models a typical grade school day by establishing a more organized environment, set start and end times, incorporating uniforms and an advanced curriculum that gives fours a head-start so that the transition to Elementary School happens with ease, confidence and academic readiness. Fours are the “big kids on campus” and we strive to make their senior year at Trinity a memorable one.


Pre -K


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