The Bridge Program

Instructional Support

Trained teachers to support local schools virtual models and provide enrichment activities.




Robust network capable of supporting hundreds of users seamlessly.

Balanced Nutritional


Daily balanced meal plan including breakfast , lunch and an afternoon snack.

Social Distancing


Strict adherence to all CDC guidelines for schooling .

Structured and supervised, this program, for ages 5 to 12, provides "just in time" support  for students adjusting to virtual school. The Bridge program supports school-age students and their families as they face any challenges and changes of a virtual Atlanta Public School System in this upcoming school year, with a flexible full-day option. Our teachers have been trained to support the school district’s distance learning, so children stay on course with their studies.

Your child can bring a device from home to complete distance learning assignments with our help. We are here to back you up (plus your child’s teachers) and strengthen your child’s ability to finish schoolwork each day.

The Bridge Program is here and ready to:

  • Support your child’s distance learning requirements

  • Implement challenging weekly STEAM projects

  • Provide social emotional activities

  • Ensure recreational activities and brain breaks.

  • Provide healthy nutritional meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack)

  • Deliver reliable internet access.